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Types of Business Insurance

Director / Partner Share Protection


The unexpected loss of a partner or shareholding director needs to be planned for. The impact on both the business and the surviving family of the deceased partner can be devastating and without having the right procedures and policies in place can have a detrimental impact on your business.

How will your bank or other lenders react? How will your customers react? How will you find the money to buy back the shares?

With a Director or Partnership protection scheme in place it gives you, as a business owner, the security of knowing that if the worst happens you and / or the remaining owners can stay in control of the business.

Business Debt Protection


We all know that any borrowing taken out by the company is most often guaranteed by a director of the company. If this person dies the lender may well want to call in the debt. Life and / or critical illness cover to cover these eventualities, taken out by the company can provide a simple solution and avoid such complications.

Key Person Insurance


A vital part of any business are the people that work there. As such it can have a huge financial impact if an important member of staff dies unexpectedly or is unable to work due to serious illness. They could be your key salesperson or best engineer.

This loss of a Keyperson can have serious repercussions on both the profitability and reputation of a company to a point that many business owners have not envisaged. It is an area that needs to be considered and reviewed regularly.

Relevant Life Plans


A Relevant Life Plan (RLP) is a life insurance policy. However, using pension legislation RLPs are a way of providing a highly tax-efficient death-in-service / life insurance benefits on an individual basis to limited company directors or other employees – no matter how small your business is.



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