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Specialist & Unique Properties


If you are looking at a property with some unique or special features such as a

  • Thatched Roof

  • Steel Frame

  • Barn Conversion

  • Property with more than 5 Acres

  • An Annex

  • An Agricultural Tie.

The high street lenders might not be the most appropriate lender, in many cases these properties are simply outside of their criteria. 

However with our experience we are well suited to find the most appropriate mortgage for you and your property regardless of the situation.

Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

Self Build Mortgages

Has building your own home always been or just become a dream of yours? Well it’s certainly possible with the help of a self-build mortgage


They are much more complex than a standard mortgage and you will need to provide a lot more information such as build costs, planning and design documents to name but a few. However, we have experience of not only recommending self-build mortgages, but through our commercial finance activities, we have arranged funding for numerous property developments from individual houses or renovations to sites of more than 100 houses.

Self-build mortgages undoubtedly represent more of a risk to a lender, and you won’t get all of the cash upfront, instead the money tends to be released in stages as your property passes certain milestones of development. So having an adviser on your side putting together a package of all the right reasons why the lender should agree your self build mortgage is very useful.

We are happy to explore whether this is right for you, give us a call for a free chat if you are thinking of taking the plunge



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