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Is it harder getting a mortgage if you're self-employed?


No. It shouldn't be.


With a large portion of our current and past clientele being self-employed we consider ourselves to be experts in this area.


There are a huge variety of different ways different lenders assess your income, and frankly some lenders are better at dealing with the self-employed than others. Profits before or after tax? Salary or dividends? 2 year average, 3 year average or just the latest year?

We can make sure you end up applying to the right one.

We really understand tax returns and company balance sheets and know that you will be as tax efficient as possible when drawing your income. We also understand how different lenders will accept self-employed income in different ways, meaning we know where to look in the market to get the right solution for you.

Only have one years' books?


Not a problem, with our experience we have been able to get a number of clients a mortgage with just one years' figures.



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